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Type of Tender ot
Tender Number ONGC-VL/COLOMBIA/MM/OT/Indico Pad Extension/297/2021/10
Tender Title Hiring of an Agency for Indico pad extension civil works in CPO-5 Block, Colombia
Tender Location Overseas
Country Colombia
Project CPO-5 Block
Name of Concerned Officer Carlos Perez
Email of Concerned Officer
Contact No. of Concerned Officer 0004858700
Bid submission Mode Email
NIT Date 2021-03-08 22:17:00
Pre bid Conference no
Bid submission End Date and Time 2021-04-09 14:00:00
Unpriced Bid Open Date and Time 2021-04-09 15:00:00

Tender and other documents

Document 1 File Name NIT-CO_297_2021_10-Indico Platform-(web)-210309032655.pdf
Description Notice Inviting Tender
Document 2 File Name BD-CO_297_2021_10-Indico Platform-(web)-210309032655.pdf
Description Bidding Document
Document 3 File Name FORMAT OF SEEKING QUERIES-210309032655.docx
Description Format of Seeking Queries
Document 4 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-01-210310053509.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-01
Document 5 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-02-01-210310053509.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-02-01
Document 6 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-02-02-210310053509.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-02-02
Document 7 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-02-03-210310053509.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-02-03
Document 8 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-03-01-210310053509.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-03-01
Document 9 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-06-210310053509.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-06
Document 10 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-07-210310053509.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-CIV-07
Document 11 File Name CP05-PL-INDICO1-CIV-08-210310053509.pdf
Description CP05-PL-INDICO1-CIV-08
Document 12 File Name CP05-PL-INDICO1-CIV-09-210310053509.pdf
Description CP05-PL-INDICO1-CIV-09
Document 13 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO-CIV-12-210310053509.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO-CIV-12
Document 14 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-ELE-01-210310053842.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-ELE-01
Document 15 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-ELE-02-V1-210310053842.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-ELE-02-V1
Document 16 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO1-ELE-03-V1-210310053842.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO1-ELE-03-V1
Document 17 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-01-210310053842.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-01
Document 18 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-02-210310053842.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-02
Document 19 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-03-210310053842.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-03
Document 20 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-04-210310053842.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-04
Document 21 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-05-210310053842.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO-EST-05
Document 22 File Name CPO5-PL-INDICO-HID-210310053842.pdf
Description CPO5-PL-INDICO-HID
Document 23 File Name Reply to Bidders_Annexure-I-210406021737.pdf
Description Reply to Bidders_Annexure-I
Document 24 File Name Amendment No. 1 tender Indico Drillsite Extension-210406021737.pdf
Description Amendment No. 1 tender Indico Drillsite Extension
Document 25 File Name Anexo H - Documento Puente ONGC Videsh_ Ver 1_12-03-2021_signed-210406021737.xlsx
Description Anexo H - Documento Puente ONGC Videsh_ Ver 1_12-03-2021_signed.xlsx
Document 26 File Name Documento_Puente_HS_E_ONGC_VIDESH_Ver 2 12-03-2021_signed-210406021737.pdf
Description Documento_Puente_HS_E_ONGC_VIDESH_Ver 2 12-03-2021_signed.pdf