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Bassein Field Touches A New High of Gas Production
12 May, 2011

Bassein field of Bassein & Satellite Asset in Western Offshore has set an impressive record of achievements in terms of production, performance and revenue generation. On 6th of May 2011, with a production of 29 MMSCMD, B&S Asset touched a cumulative gas production of 200 BCM.

As per the initial predictions, the field was to achieve a peak gas production rate of 20 MMSCMD and by 2010 was envisaged to start declining after a cumulative production of 180 BCM. However, as a result of sound reservoir management practices and timely inputs in terms of wells, well-head platforms, process platforms, first & second stage compression facilities, the field has out-performed all the predictions.

Bassein field contributes nearly about 43 % of ONGC production and 32% of all India production. The natural decline of the field has not only been arrested, but in recent years, the production has shown a northward trend. The recent studies have indicated the field life to be extended for another 20 years, a heartening feature indeed.

For more than two decades, Bassein gas has proved to be a lifeline for Indian economy and serving as basic building block of fertilizer, petrochemical and energy sector.

The nine power plants, seven fertilizer plants, two refineries and two petrochemical plants, not only for the western part of the country but right up to northern part of India through the famous Hazira-Bijapur-Jagdishpur gas pipeline, are being nurtured from the Bassein gas.

The gas from Bassein field has also been responsible for making millions of lives happier in the country as it has been the major source of domestically producing LPG and CNG as piped gas and eco-friendly fuel in the country.


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