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Mr. Samarendra Roychaudhury has taken over as (Director Commercial) of ONGC Videsh Ltd.
01 September, 2009

Mr. Samarendra Roychaudhury has taken over as Director (Commercial) of ONGC Videsh Ltd. on 1st September 2009. The eventful and  illustrious journey of  Mr. Roychaudhury who is a B.Tech  in Mechanical Engineering began in 1977 as a Graduate Trainee (3rd batch).  After completing one year training at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, he was one of those, to set up Institute of Reservoir Studies at Ahmedabad and particularly Thermal Processes Laboratory.

In 1970's, discovery of heavy oil belt in Mehsana threw a great challenge to ONGC to exploit this oil. Mr. Roychaudhury played a very big role in establishing the viability of thermal processes at bench scale, particularly in-situ combustion and chalk out a conceptual design of the process for field testing.

Mr. Samarendra Roychaudhury has taken over as Director (Commercial) of ONGC Videsh Ltd. on 1st September 2009.

In 1981, he was sent to the University of Southern California for one year. There he got the exposure to Thermal EOR processes, and worked as a Production Engineer in a steam injection process at Kern River Valley, California. On his return, his experience coupled with his passion for Heavy oil helped ONGC to take the In situ combustion process from Laboratory to the field in Balol. That was the beginning of ONGC's march to become a world leader in In-situ combustion technology. His tenure at IRS was followed by a three year stint at Agartala. There as Head of Reservoir Division  he worked in the opposite spectrum of the hydrocarbon chain, ie, gas field exploration and development. On his return to IRS, he took initiative in expanding the In-situ combustion process at Balol from semi-commercial to the commercial stage. All throughout his career at IRS his leadership skill was manifested in converting a very difficult concept to field implementation and build a strong team and legacy which can carry forward the burden of world leadership in In-situ combustion technology. At IRS, he held positions as Head of EOR divisions and Oil and Gas field development divisions.

Thereafter he was posted  as Sub-Surface Manager at Neelam-Heera Asset in Mumbai, where he took significant steps to increase the production of Heera field.

He joined OVL in March 2005 and currently looks after all aspects of overseas operations of producing and exploratory assets.

With the background of his rich experience in the E & P industry and supported by his intuitive business mind, hard work, and very effective communication skill, he is all set to take OVL to new heights.

Mr. Roychaudhury has two daughters, Ronita and Ishita who are studying.

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ONGC Videsh Ltd.
Corporate Communications, New Delhi,
Phone: 9968282335
Mail: sonchita.yadav@gmail.com


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